Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Signpost

when you arrived
I was a signpost
without name
without direction

you stopped
and looked at me
for a moment
and walked away

turned towards
where you went
I named me
your name

on way back
you will see
where you are

Friday, October 11, 2013

Monday, July 25, 2011

Something About Snakes!

Yesterday, first time in my life I touched a snake, a cute little Cobra! I had seen snakes so close since my childhood but never dared to touch one. It’s not because of fear only but because perhaps I had a feeling that they were disgusting creatures.

Everything changed yesterday when we visited our German teacher, Dr. Latha Tampi at her residence. She is a lover of snakes and other animals and the Vice President of ZOOWATCH, an NGO working to improve the living conditions of the captive wildlife. She had arranged a demonstration on how to handle snakes. When the instructor released a cobra all turned a step back. He took it with his hands and a handling rod and told us to come close to him but nobody dared then all started shouting my name “Denny Go Denny Go…”. Hey you are bachelor just go man, Mahesh told. Yes I went to him and he said come behind him. I did so and then he handed over the rod to me. No!, I said. Nothing to fear just hold it, he told. So I did then he told me to hold the tail of the cobra and I had no other choice! It’s skin is soft and I observed it closely… Yes it’s really beautiful! And it seems to be so gentle! I held it for a minute or so then it turned toward me then I handed over it to Babu, the instructor. Then Joseph, Tony, Mahesh, Lajitha all came and handled the snake like experts.

Later Babu and Arjun(Instructors) released a Viper! But no one came close to them because Vipers are so unpredictable! fast and furious and really smart snakes. Then it’s the time for Trinket Snake! It was gentle but a bit shy too so all handled it with ease and caressed it.

We learned a few things about snakes and unlearned a lot because we already developed a lot of misconceptions about snakes since our childhood. Our society and even religions have contributed a lot to it. In fact snakes are not that much dangerous. Somewhere I read “Thousands of snakes are brutally killed every year because one man dies every year due to snake bite!” who is really more dangerous? Think. Yes snakes bites but only when they get hurt. When we accidentally put our legs on them they will react fast and may bite too. It is called dry bite, there wont be much venom in that. In most of the cases people die not because of the venom but because of fear and a heart attack eventually.

All we need is to erase such misconceptions from our mind. In fact snakes are wonderful, beautiful, gentle, mysterious and peace loving creatures on earth. Just touch it and love it. When you hold a snake don’t hold it on its neck, it will hurt its jaws and it can’t sawllow anything later and may die starving. So hold it on its tail and use a handling rod. And if it bites you don’t worry just go to the hospital, preferably a Medical College as soon as possible.

If you find snakes in Trivandrum locality you can contact Babu Palayam (Mob:9846662424,8893662424) or any other ZOOWATCH volunteers.They will come and rescue the snakes and release them into a safe place.

The above mentioned snakes were rescued from various parts of Trivandrum. They all safely released to wild forest later, where they can continue living peacefully…

Thanks to Latha ma’m. Thanks to Babu and Arjun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two Miracles

It's a miracle
that I'm still alive !
but the greatest miracle is that
I think that I'm still alive !!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

would you ever...

would you ever walked
from what u seems to be
to where you were not born
to where your ancestors were not born
to where human beings were not born
to where animals were not born
to where plants and trees were not born
to where any livings things were not born
to where the earth is not born
to where the sun and other stars were not born
to where the universe is not born
to where the emptiness is not born
to where the creator was alone...
and would you ever walked beyond...
and beyond the creator
and beyond everything you could ever imagine imagine

aesthetic distance

oh beautiful flower
thanks to your thorns
that makes me keep
an aesthetic distance

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Peripheries

How far you can follow your thoughts
without disturbing your existence ?
how many dreams you can cherish
without touching the realities ?
how long you can go
to find the peripheries of love ?
i know not
yet i keep running...
through the infinite radius
just to reach...

Friday, January 23, 2009